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Farmington, CT

Corporate Catering for Farmington, CT

Located just outside of Hartford, CT, Farmington, CT is a beautiful area filled with a rich history, museums to visit, and picturesque hiking trails. The area was formerly named Tunxis Sepus by the Tunxis Indians. This translates to “bend of the littler river”. It wasn’t until 1645 that the area was renamed Farmington. One example of Farmington, Connecticut’s rich history can be found in the Rattlesnake Mountain woods. In 1792, a hospital to treat smallpox was built away from the general population. Today, Hospital Rock remains as a marker to the hospital that once stood. The names of 66 hospital patients were carved into the stone ledge.

Executive Cuisine is proud to offer corporate catering service to an area with such an interesting history. In 1991, we began catering and providing the Farmington, CT area with sophisticated entrees and desserts. We make sure delicious gourmet meals are accessible to those in the Farmington, CT area. Those looking for a fine dining experience or corporate catering are welcome to visit or get in touch with Executive Cuisine.

Contact Our Chefs for Corporate Catering in Farmington, CT

If you are hosting an event in Farmington, CT and you need corporate catering, we would love to hear from you. Be sure to check out our corporate catering menu. Our corporate catering menu includes favorites like garlicky lamb kebobs, savory cheese stuffed risotto cake, smoked duck, lobster bisque soup shooters, and more. Contact us to schedule our event catering, corporate catering, or in-flight catering. We look forward to serving you!


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