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Corporate Events That Call For Catering

As Covid-19 restrictions begin to lift in Connecticut, Executive Cuisine is excited help you celebrate the finale of the global pandemic. Businesses are starting to re-open; employees are heading back to work, airplanes are filling up with hungry travelers, and many rescheduled events are rapidly approaching. After over a year of distancing ourselves, the best way to reunite is often over a delicious meal while swapping stories of attempted sourdough recipes, showing off your new house plant collection, and laughing over the crazy haircuts we gave ourselves. Quarantine has taught all of us new skills, but now is the time to sit back and let the chefs at Executive Cuisines reward you for all the efforts you made in surviving a pandemic. Here are a couple events that call for catering in the post pandemic work world:

Welcome back breakfast– As many office workers start to reacquaint themselves with a morning routine, this can sometimes be a bumpy process. Help your employees readjust to their schedules by starting their day off right. A nutritious and convenient breakfast can improve productivity, morale, and make that Monday morning meeting more bearable. 
Grand re-opening lunch– If you have a business that has recently re-opened, celebrate with your co-workers over a satiating luncheon. This will give everyone a chance to catch up and discuss all the recent changes that have been made in the workplace. 
Readymade snacks– One thing lots of people have come to enjoy after working from home for so long is the endless supply of snacks. Treat your co-workers to the finest snacks throughout the day with options from our hors d’oeuvres menu. With an abundance of mess free finger foods to choose from that will delight the senses, your employees will be so happy they are back at work. 
A classic corporate dinner– With all the missed holiday parties, award ceremonies, retirement farewells, and other canceled events, celebrate them all with a dinner party. Our corporate catering is still in full operation and ready to help you out with your next big event. 
In-flight catering– As air travel becomes safe once again, you or your associates might be back up in the air proceeding with business as usual. Don’t forget that typical airline food is not always the best quality. Executive Cuisine is here to serve you and your business partners with the very best in-flight catering options. 
No matter what event you are planning for your post pandemic celebration, Executive Cuisine is excited to whip up all your favorite meals. Contact us today to learn more and design your menu! 


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