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Delicious Food Selections from Our In-Flight Catering Menu

Offering an Extensive In-Flight Catering Menu

Whether you’re on a red-eye crossing multiple time zones or taking a quick sprint to a neighboring state, something about air travel tends to make one feel a bit peckish. Unfortunately, a small package of complimentary peanuts doesn’t usually do the trick. If you’re flying around the Tri-State area either into or out of BDL, OXC, SWF, HPN, TEB, or MMU, Executive Cuisine can help! We offer in-flight catering services complete with an extensive menu of delicious delicacies. Read on to learn more about our food selections!

From hors d’oeuvres and soups or salads to entrees and desserts, we are sure to have just the thing to satisfy your appetite. Whether you are hungry for a light snack or a multi-course meal, you’ll have a tough time narrowing down your choice from the many appealing options on our in-flight catering menu. Our service is top quality as well. Our professional chefs use fresh ingredients to craft amazing flavors and beautiful presentations while our servers have the extensive culinary and airline industry experience to ensure complete customer satisfaction. Contact us today to learn more!
Highlights from Our In-Flight Catering Menu
To start things off, we offer several hors d’oeuvres of both the hot and cold varieties, including potato pancakes with Granny Smith apple chutney, lobster bisque soup shooters, and seared duck breast on dark rice cakes with plum glaze as well as jumbo shrimp with classic cocktail sauce, assorted sushi rolls with pickled ginger and wasabi, and blue cheese stuffed watermelon blocks with balsamic drizzle.
Our entrees are listed by poultry, meat, or seafood dishes, featuring highlights such as pecan crusted chicken breast with honey cream sauce, herb crusted beef tenderloin, and cold poached salmon.
Finally, enjoy a dessert to balance savory with sweet and choose from New York Style cheesecake, mixed berry cobbler, crepes, and so much more.
Please browse our menu for breakfast or lunch options as well.


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