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Tips for Budgeting Your Next Catered Event

How to feed your guests like royalty without breaking the bank 

Whether you are catering an event for a wedding, business, or other special occasion, event planners are often limited by the constraints of a budget. No need to worry if you don’t think your budget is big enough. Executive Cuisine works with all kinds of budgets for event catering. Our highly skilled chefs can produce a variety of delicious menu options that won’t drain your event planning budget. Here are a few budgeting tips that will help keep your event catering costs low.
Get an accurate head count– Knowing exactly how many people that need to be fed at an event gives the planner a better idea of how much of the budget will need to be allocated towards food. When sending out event invitations, make sure to include an easy way for guests to RSVP. You may want to include an envelope with a stamp or if using an e-invite, a link to a page where guests can simply click if they will be attending.
Budget friendly dishes– When designing a menu for your event, you will want to take cost effect meal options into account. Pastas are an excellent way to fill up hungry guests and cater to special dietary restrictions. From vegan to gluten free options, pasta leaves everyone feeling satiated.
Create a buffet– Buffets are an excellent way to cater large crowds. If you are catering a corporate event, a buffet is often the most cost-effective option as they allow for people to take as much or as little as they are willing to eat. Your buffet does not have to be extravagant either. Often people are satisfied with one main dish, two sides, and a salad.
Ask your guests to bring a dessert– A dessert table with a little something from each guest is a fun way to save on the cost of a sweet treat after the main meal. This also gives people a chance to sample new sweets they might not have tried before. A dessert table with many different guest contributions can be a fun alternative to a wedding cake.
For more help budgeting your next catered event, contact the experts at Executive Cuisine. We offer dozens of delicious event catering options that can be adjusted to your budget.


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