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Easter Bunch Ideas

Catering brunch for family members and friends is the best way to make sure everyone has a place to gather to observe Easter and celebrate the occasion. Easter Sunday this year falls on April 17th, so make sure you have your plans set in stone ahead of time so that you’re not scrambling last minute to find reservations at a restaurant or ingredients at the grocery store.

In addition to taking the task of planning off your hands, Executive Cuisine can ensure that all of your guests are happy with the variety of delicious dishes and sides. Our motto is: “Where taste is everything,” and we make sure that each dish is seasoned to perfection.

Plan Your Menu

Make sure you think about the guests that will be at your brunch and if they have any dietary restrictions. We have entrée options that include chicken, beef, salmon, and ham, as well as a classic three cheese macaroni with a bread crumb topping for vegetarians.

Start the meal off with appetizers, round it off with sides, and finish with some of our incredible desserts! No matter your guests’ preferences, we have options that will suit them. We recommend choosing two to three items from each section of our menu (starters, entrees, sides, and desserts) to make sure you have a variety of options.

Create a Budget

If you’re working with a specific budget, take a look at our menu and decide what you can spend. Some of our items are sold per dozen or per serving, while the sides are sold in groups of 6 or 10 servings. As we said above, usually it’s best to choose a few items from each category, but if you’re catering for a small group and you know what everyone will want, you can plan accordingly.

Just remember that catering can be a more convenient alternative to planning a brunch at a busy restaurant or attempting to make a large variety of food yourself. Since you’ll be spending money, it makes sense to enlist the help of a catering company that can make your day as stress-free and pleasurable as possible.

Call Us for Catering

After creating a budget and planning your menu, please call Executive Cuisine to place your order. We can make sure your Easter brunch is a success. Delivery is available for your convenience, and a minimum of 72 hours’ notice is required.

We look forward to speaking with you about your event and accommodating any special orders!


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